End-to-End digital toolchain for all robot operators!

Start into the future of logistics with the WAKU platform

One software for all systems (AMRs, AGVs)
Performance Cockpit & Real-time Alerting
Vendor-independent traffic & order management
Keep track of maintenance & repairs
Suitable for any fleet size

save money and increase productivity

Transparency & Control of all your robots in one interface

All robots from multiple vendors on a live single map.
Real-time insights, incident management, error logs and multi-channel alerting for desktop and mobile devices.

Understand and leverage the potential of your robot fleet

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WAKU Platform: The Success Story

TTI Inc. Works with WAKU Platform

Find out how TTI Inc. managed to operate mobile robots from different manufacturers efficiently with the WAKU Platform. With intelligent traffic management from WAKU Robotics AGVs, and AMRs from different manufacturers can be operated in the same environment. In addition, WAKU Robotics enables processes to be made transparent and optimisable through extensive process analytics. Through the Instant Alerting & Monitoring, TTI Inc. was able to immediately detect and solve errors that occur on the robot.