WAKU Care - Robot Service Platform

Software for troubleshooting, maintenance and data analysis for robots

Achieve higher reliability and efficiency of your robot systems as a robotics user, integrator or manufacturer. Combine digital documentation with automated workflows and data analysis as well as predictions for an improved service life and performance of your robots.

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Successful robotization spans the entire lifetime

Unleash the full potential of robotic automation with our tailored software solution "WAKU Care", strategically designed to ensure the success of robot operations. This success is primarily measured by ROI, a key criterion for 77% of end-users, highlighting our commitment to delivering impactful results in the realm of automation. Addressing concerns of system downtime and inadequate after-sales support, our streamlined approach tackles labor-intensive processes, harmonizing multiple stakeholders for a seamless, cost-effective, and highly efficient robotic experience that maximizes project ROI.

Linked and data-driven

Merging data - instead of data silos

Perfectly coordinated and highly integrated, the functions of the WAKU Care Software Platform offer an optimal tool for robot operators, service teams and manufacturers. The device data connection for intelligent evaluations, automation and system monitoring is unique.

Your needs turned into powerful software features

Robot Manufacturers

Elevate your robotic manufacturing ecosystem with our service and maintenance software, providing seamless data connectivity to manage partner networks, deliver standardized experiences, and glean valuable insights across customer installations, ensuring a consistently strong value proposition.

Benefits for OEMs
System Integrators & Service Providers

Built for service teams, addressing team management complexities, supporting diverse vendors, and optimizing efficiency for increased margins, while ensuring top-notch customer satisfaction and system availability through advanced diagnostics.

Benefits for Integrators
Robot Operators

Optimize robotic operations, ensuring exceptional system performance, rapid adaptation to new systems with short training cycles, and substantial cost savings via predictive maintenance and streamlined processes.

Benefits for Operators

Selected customers

Success Stories

WAKU Care makes the difference

Our Benefits - Your Success

Our benefits include significant after-sales cost reduction, detailed insights into servicing expenses, and efficient, data-driven maintenance for enhanced robot longevity and performance.

Made for robots

Take targeted actions by understanding device data like errors, missions, hardware status.


Foster seamless & fast know-how exchange between customer, service partner & OEM.

Data Insights & AI

Track resources and spendings in aftersales. Turn insights into actionable optimization.

Automation & Prediction

Automate repetitive tasks and use prediction for preventing expensive outages & incidents.

Easy-To-Use Interface

Interactive guidance for non-technical end-customers and servicing team.

Single Central Tool

Streamlined and connected communication and documentation in a single software tool.

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Intuitive user interface for non-technical users

Easy start for any fleet size

Vendor independence for maximum flexibility

WAKU Care: The Success Story

Körber Supply Chain

Körber Supply Chain introduced WAKU Care as the backbone for their maintenance operations. Find out how Körber Supply Chain successfully works with WAKU Care to enhance maintenance strategies, service management and repairs.

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With WAKU Consulting, we offer consulting on robotic systems (like AGV and AMR) as well as other innovative intraglogistic automation solutions. Our experienced robot experts support you with the selection and planning of the best robot solutions for your processes. We provide a quick and efficient start for your robot journey. Our professional use case analysis provides a solid solution design as well as ROI calculation of all selected cases. Also, we support you during the procuremnt process and provide proper training for your employees. We successfully worked with global enterprises as well with SMEs in different verticals.

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