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Intelligent Work Order Schedules

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Advanced Scheduling for Work Orders in Your Workflow!

Elevate your B2B workflow with our scheduling feature, fostering precision, collaboration, and efficiency in managing work orders across your enterprise.

By seamlessly setting schedules, users can strategically plan and allocate tasks, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

The ability to assign specific personnel to each scheduled task facilitates clear accountability, while automated notifications keep individuals informed about upcoming and open work orders, enhancing communication and time management.

Leveraging our sophisticated scheduling system, users can efficiently apply work templates to all devices within a schedule, promoting standardized procedures and eliminating manual assignment efforts.

This automation not only increases efficiency but also reduces the risk of oversight, ensuring that each device undergoes the prescribed maintenance or operation seamlessly.

Experience streamlined operational excellence with our advanced scheduling feature tailored for work orders.

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Features for Efficient Schedules

Proactive Notification
Our proactive notification system keeps you informed about upcoming and open work orders via email and other channels.
Clear Responsibilities
Empower your team with precise task accountability by assigning individuals to specific work orders. This not only fosters a culture of responsibility but also ensures clear ownership, enhancing collaboration and streamlining workflows for optimal results.
Guidance by Work Templates
Efficiently standardize operations across your robotic fleet by assigning tailored work templates to each device within a schedule. This streamlined approach ensures consistency, simplifies maintenance efforts, and optimizes task execution, enhancing overall productivity and reliability in your robotic ecosystem.

Flexible Scheduling

Unlock unparalleled flexibility in your robotic maintenance strategy with our adaptable scheduling options, providing previews of work order schedules. Tailor and preview schedules effortlessly, empowering you to optimize resource allocation, plan efficiently, and stay ahead of maintenance needs in your dynamic robotic ecosystem.

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Customer Voices

  WAKU Care plays a crucial role in our support and maintenance strategy. It is an excellent software equipped with numerous AMR-specific and highly intelligent functionalities. This guides our technicians throughout the entire process and enables our customers to monitor their AMR assets seamlessly.

Dr. Andreas Bahke, Vice President Robotics at Körber Business Area Supply Chain

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Advantages of the WAKU Platform

Proactively minimize downtime

Intelligent maintenance cycles for all devices

Collaboration with integrators & service providers

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