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Robots in Logistics & Manufacturing

Victor Splittgerber talks to his guests about robots in logistics and production. Look forward to exciting experiences and insights into the world of robotics.

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#14 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Der Jahresrückblick: Best of Mobile Robotics News in 2022 (DE)

As 2022 comes to a close, Victor looks back at the top news stories in mobile robotics. Which robotics companies closed the most successful funding rounds in 2022? What technologies did they enter the fray with? What acquisitions were being talked about in the mobile robotics world in 2022? What trending topics can be identified for 2023? And what news surprised Victor and his team the most?

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#13 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Dennis Ramers (DE)

In episode #13, Dennis Ramers from BITO Lagertechnik is our guest. Dennis Ramers is head of the AGV department at BITO and has been involved in the development of the Leo Transporter from the very beginning. BITO calls their Leo Transporter "the simplest driverless transport system on the market". But what does simple mean? How good is simple? What advantages does it have over complex systems?

You'll also learn how BITO plans to expand the Leo product family in the future, why close collaboration with their customers is essential for this, and how the robot manufacturer deals with the speed of technology trends.

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#12 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - VC Roundtable (DE)

In episode #13 of "Robots in der Logistik" we dive deeper into the topic of venture capital and focus on LogTech startups. For this, Victor has invited three venture capitalists to a roundtable: Tanja Rosendahl from F-Log Ventures, Moritz Schumacher from Schauenburg Ventures, and Mathias Bosse from Prequel Ventures. The joint talk will focus on the attractiveness of start-ups in supply chain & logistics.

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WAKU Update: Youtube Video #5to12

Now it's time for automation #5to12! ⏰

The WAKU Update gives you the latest market overview on the topic of mobile robots (FTSs, AGVs, AMRs) in logistics and production.

In this episode, robotics expert Victor Splittgerber discusses the current state of logistics and clarifies the problems and risks facing the industry in the near future. However, the solution to these problems is clearly in the foreground: automation with mobile robots!

Victor gives an insight into the world of mobile robots and provides information on how you can successfully lead your company into the future.

Which companies are pioneers in automation with mobile robots? How do they benefit from it? And what can other companies learn from them?

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#11 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Dr. Stefan Kozielski & Alexander Ochel (DE)

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is one of the leading global management consulting firms. Their business unit 'operations' deals with strategic and operational issues in supply chain & manufacturing.

In the current episode, Victor talks to Dr. Stefan Kozielski, associate director in manufacturing & supply Chain, and Alexander Ochel, lead knowledge analyst, from BCG. They talk about how BCG provides support from the conception to the implementation of the automation solution and which key factors influence the success of automation at the network level.

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#10 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Fernando Freitas

What does it take to successfully implement autonomous mobile robots? A very good question! Let’s put it that way: In theory, this question is pretty easy to answer but in practice, each robot project depends on many individual success factors and the answer becomes a little bit more complex.

By all means, Victor wants to get to the bottom of this question in episode #10 of “Roboter in der Logistik: Das WAKU Update”. For that reason, he invited a guest who has already carried out many robot projects around the world. Fernando Freitas is Chief Executive Officer at TUGBOT, a robotics company that develops the "most versatile autonomous mobile robot".

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#9 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Tassilo Matthes (DE)

Understanding process automation with mobile robots from the user's perspective is essential for the success of mobile robotics in logistics and production. Therefore, it's even more important to listen actively to your users, understand their needs and identify the problems that need to be solved.

That's why episode #9 of "Roboter in der Logistik: Das WAKU Update" is all about the user perspective. For this, Victor invited Tassilo Matthes, Supply Chain Program Manager and Manager of Warehouse Automation Projects at the European Headquarters of TTI, Inc. to talk about Tassilo's experiences with robot projects in logistics.

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#8 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Albert Groz (DE)

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics simulations - all buzzwords that are already common in logistics and production. In the eighth episode of "Roboter in der Logistik - Das WAKU Update", Victor and Albert Groz, co-founder and CEO of TruPhysics talk about these advanced topics and their relevance for logistic and manufacturing companies.

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#7 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Sven Herpig (DE)

How resilient is my IT infrastructure and how can I best secure it? How vulnerable will my company be due to the integration of robots? How does a cyberattack work and which areas are affected? For these important and at the same time very difficult questions, Victor has invited a guest who knows a lot about cyber security. Dr. Sven Herpig, Head of International Cybersecurity Policy at Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, will answer questions that every logistics or manufacturing company has asked at some point.

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#6 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Alex Barber, Günter Ullrich & Marco Prueglmeier (DE)

When several experts in a field meet, there is a lot to talk about and a discussion or two. Victor thought so, too, and invited to a Robotics Roundtable on the topic of communication and planning in projects with mobile robots (AGV & AMR). Alexandra (Alex) Barber, founder of Frontline Sidekicks, Günter Ullrich, also known as the "FTS Papst", and Marco Prueglmeier, founder and CEO of Noyes Technologies, took their seats at the table.

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#5 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Volker Single (DE)

If you've ever wondered how an automated guided vehicle (AGV) project works, the fifth episode of "Roboter in der Logistik" is for you. Victor has Volker Single from ProLog Automation as his guest. Volker and his team provide AGV services. Specifically, they provide support in every phase of project management and accompany companies during the integration of AGVs.

In the interview, Volker provides information on the complexity of AGV projects and how this can be reduced through optimal planning. He emphasizes the relevance of the specifications and compulsory specifications, compares AGV projects in the automotive and logistics industry, and shares anecdotes from real life. It quickly becomes apparent that Volker's heart beats for project planning and commissioning.

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#4 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Franz Humer (DE)

On the international market for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), you quickly come across the mobile robots from the company AGILOX. Franz Humer is the founder of AGILOX and provides interesting insights into the world of the technology company in an interview with Victor. From the first seed financing to internationalization - since the year 2009 Franz is on board and has been through all the ups and downs of AGILOX. With the vision of a global company, Franz flew to the US and established business with the plug & play solutions there. What challenges did he face with internationalization and what are the differences between the American and European logistics markets? How will AGILOX continue to develop? And what does Franz think about the exit?

Find out in the fourth episode of "Roboter in der Logistik". Just take a listen!

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#3 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Beate Stoffers (DE)

As digitalization advances, robotics is also becoming increasingly exciting for schools and educational institutions. But what about digitization in education? What do schools have to do to optimally prepare students for the digital working world? What skills need to be taught and what role does business play in this?

In the third episode of "Roboter in der Logistik," Victor invites education expert Beate Stoffers to talk to her about the development of digitization in Berlin schools and what still needs to happen in the future. She appeals to companies that they, also must make their contribution to digital education and enable hands-on learning.

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#2 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Stefan Dörr (DE)

In the second episode of "Roboter in der Logistik": Victor talks to Stefan Dörr (Founder & CEO of Node Robotics) about software solutions in autonomous intralogistics. Terms like "SLAM" (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) or "ROS" (Robot Operating System) are indispensable here.

In addition, the two dare a thought experiment: What would happen if processors stopped evolving? How much innovative power would still be possible then? Finally, Victor & Stefan discuss how industrial robots can establish themselves in intralogistics just as successfully as vacuum cleaner robots in the domestic environment.

Sounds exciting? Then take a listen!

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#1 - "Roboter in der Logistik": WAKU Update Podcast - Günter Ullrich (DE)

In the first episode of "Roboter in der Logistik," Victor & Dr. Günter Ullrich look back at the historical development of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and discuss why it took so long to establish them.

The "FTS Papst" talks about the safety of AGVs. It also becomes clear that Dr. Günter Ullrich does not support a clear distinction between AGVs and AMRs, and for him, automatically does not mean autonomous. Interestingly, autonomous functions are not always desirable for him. Why? Just have a listen!

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