AGV & AMR - The Market Report

Published on 10.03.2024

Our recent analysis, conducted through the Lots of Bots platform, delves into the search behaviors of our users, providing invaluable insights for expanding our market intelligence. With over 36,000 searches performed, users engaged with an average of 5.9 unique search queries, utilizing the diverse filter options offered by Lots of Bots.

The primary focus of user searches revolved around specific use cases, with pallet transport emerging as the most sought-after, closely followed by picking applications. Notably, 19% of users expressed interest in exploring combinations of at least two distinct use cases, highlighting the versatility sought after in automated solutions.

Furthermore, our findings revealed that 1 out of every 8 users exhibited a preference for robots designed for specialized environments, particularly those suited for outdoor operations. Additionally, when seeking robots with certifications, the CE certificate emerged as the most significant consideration among users.

Beyond individual preferences, our analysis enabled us to compile rankings of the most visited robots and manufacturers throughout 2023. Among the notable companies featured on this list are Jungheinrich, SAFELOG, and idealworks, signifying their prominence within the automated guided vehicle (AGV) and autonomous mobile robot (AMR) landscape.

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