How to Identify Reliable Manufacturers of Mobile Robots

Published on 30.06.2022

Identifying reliable manufacturers of mobile robots is an important building block when it comes to integrating Autonomous Mobile robots (AMRs) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in warehouses. The market for mobile robots is very fragmented, many manufacturers are entering the market and offering various products. This article shows you which aspects play a role in the selection of robot manufacturers.
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Various criteria apply to manufacturers of mobile robots. This includes, among other things, a smooth setup process but also enough experience to run the devices in a productive environment. These and other criteria are listed below.
Solid product portfolio: Explore the robot manufacturer's product portfolio. You can ask experts for help with the assessment. This will help you reduce the risk.
Success Stories and Case Studies: The company should have success stories from past integrations. Alternatively, you can also ask about case studies in which the robots have already been used.
Buying versus renting: Flexible automation also requires flexible financing models. Ask the manufacturer if a rental option is available in addition to the purchase option. Find out if using a rental option can speed up the integration in your company.
Customer-oriented documentation: The manufacturer should provide you with well-edited documentation for the robot. In the best case, this is also available online and easily searchable. This saves you time, especially in the event of an acute error.
Setup support: Integration is one of the most important processes when you start with mobile robots. Ask the manufacturer how this works. The company should actively offer you support at the time. This support can be provided on-site or remotely.
Training material: You should receive training material for the device so that you can train your employees internally and prepare the future robot operator for his work with the robot. The training material also helps you to better understand the technology in the robot.
Transparent product updates: The company should communicate product updates transparently. Clarify with the manufacturer of the robot how and to what extent you can benefit from the updates.
Transparent communication: In addition to transparent product updates, transparency is also very important in other communication. This mainly affects integration schedules and your expectations of the robot. The company needs to have a deep understanding of your operations.
Maintenance contracts for the robots: Robots need maintenance from time to time. The manufacturer or an integrator should offer suitable maintenance contracts for this. Check whether your internal robot operator can carry out this maintenance himself.
For more information on reliable manufacturers in logistics and production, please have a look at the Reliable Robot Operations Framework. Download the manual and all the useful checklists for free to identify a reliable manufacturer. You can search for potential reliable manufacturers on LotsOfBots - the largest independent comparison platform for mobile robots in the area of logistics and production.

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