Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Robot Operations

Reliable Mobile Robot Principles

Intuitive Getting Started procedure

Most robots are delivered in a box or another packaging system. To unpack the robot without any complications and use of force, a manual should be provided. Make sure that you find out how the robot gets delivered to your facility and if necessary and possible provide guidance to the manufacturer or sender of the robot. All packaging systems used should be reusable after unpacking the robot. In some cases, you have to send back the robot (e.g. you are trying the robot first in a proof of concept or the robot is not working properly).

Another important point to the Getting Started procedure is that the manufacturer provides you with instructions on how to assemble the robot. In most cases, the battery is not attached to the device during transport. Also, other parts are mostly disconnected from the device during the journey. To mount all these parts correctly, instructions are needed.

Your Checklist
Find out how the robot will be packed
Find out if the packaging is reusable in case you send it back
Clarify terms and legal for shipping of the device
Ask for instructions to unpack
Ask for instructions to mount parts and assemble the robot

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