Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

1 - Team

Meetings and synchronization

With a lot of automation going, like robots, sensors and new software systems orchestrating everything the need for meetings and synchronization cycles arises. Here we discuss this part of the team for a future warehouse.

Different types of robots in different areas of the facility need to be coordinated. Therefore a Robot weekly needs to take place. Here all the employees responsible for the robots should sit together and talk about possible improvements. This can be done using reports and analytics of the last week to optimize the current state and talk about shifts in robo workforce for the upcoming weeks. This is important for the people responsible for the robots, so they can set up the robots of the next week.

Operations improvement weekly (or bi-weekly) can help to think about new or other solutions to tackle the current challenges in operations. Based on the numbers the meeting participants have to find solutions to continuously improve the operations.

IT and infrastructure weekly needs to take place with the people responsible for the internal infrastructure (software, hardware) and the information infrastructure. The meeting deals with the technical requirements to successfully run robots. Also topics like information security and access management are important.

Procurement and asset management meetings do not need to take place every week. But this synchronization makes sense if you have more than one automated warehouse. The purpose of the meeting is to talk about capacity shifting between warehouses. Also part of the meeting is to talk about the procurement of new software or sensors.

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