Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

2 - Infrastructure

Additional robot infrastructure

With robots everywhere in your facility additional infrastructure for these robots is needed. This includes charging stations. Of course charging stations are in the facility first - they come with the first robot installation. Thinking on a big scale, more than one charging station is needed. Imagine the area you need to install charging stations that can serve 30 robots. This place needs to be reserved and filled wisely.

With a lot of new technologies coming into the warehouse you need a test environment where you can test everything before rolling it out. Therefore a robot lab is needed. This makes sense if you also want to test the different technologies combined like sensors and robots. These processes need to be tested carefully before going out of the sandbox environment.

Beside the robot lab think of a robot pool, where your robots pause or they are being transferred to another area. If a robot is experiencing problems with hardware or software or they are going to maintenance you need a replacement device. This replacement device is activated and leaves the robot pool to fulfil the tasks.

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