Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

3 - Processes

Analytics & Monitoring

It is worth mentioning that it needs measurable and meaningful KPIs to fully understand the processes behind your operations. To ensure that questioning the defined KPIs with all stakeholders makes sense.

With all the predefined KPIs and processes in the warehouse the need to monitor them well arises. This can be done using agnostic robot analytics (Robot Control Tower). This is a system that is able to capture data from different kinds of robots regardless of the manufacturer of the robot. A future warehouse will definitely consist of different types of robots, coming from different manufacturers, doing different things. To avoid a zoo of tools where every manufacturer brings in its own software, you need an agnostic tool.

Also the part of visualization between different types of robots is an important point. All of these systems work in a shared environment and you need to get an overview about all of them. Another important point is the diagnostics of the current processes. With a tool that optimizes not just for one type of robot but for all of the processes in the warehouse based on all robots that are present, you can iteratively optimize your warehouse.

WAKU Sense is an agnostic analytics software that can help you with analytics and monitoring of different robot fleets.

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