Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

The Initial Proof of Concept

Communicate outcomes & next steps

After evaluating the PoC, it is time to communicate the outcomes and evaluation results to different stakeholders. Of course the top-level management needs an update on the topic. But also the warehouse management wants to know how the PoC went.

Talking to the shop floor workers also is an important puzzle piece of solid communication. If the robot disappears after the PoC this will raise questions. Also if another robot comes after a few weeks for a potential new test, questions will come up. To mitigate the risk that shop floor workers are confused about the progress, inform than about your findings and the next steps - and also why you are taking this action.

Communicate not just successes - also talk about a PoC that did not work out for you. In case you aborted the PoC due to constantly occurring problems, you can also communicate this to the shop floor workers.

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