Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

The Initial Proof of Concept

Invite management & works council

During the period of the proof of concept, make sure to invite management, other departments as well as the works council to share successes. Involving everyone in the organization and showcasing the new robot should be part of your strategy.

Getting ‘okays’, ‘green lights’ and ‘go ahead’ signals from all of these people is important to bring more robots into your warehouse. Traditionally the works council comes in with a lot of concerns. Make sure to point out that working conditions will improve for human workers and also invite them to talk about the future warehouse and how they imagine a future where the organization is digitalized and ready to compete on the market.

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WAKU Robotics supports you in choosing the right robot for your application. We take care of the procurement of the robots as well as the on-site test. Our WAKU Platform software helps you to operate the robots across manufacturers and to analyze the processes.

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