Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

The Initial Proof of Concept

Robot arrival & integration

If everything went well with the robot manufacturer your robot will arrive at your facility. If you want professional help at this point you can ask the manufacturer to install the robot and do the integration or ask an integrator to do it.

In most of the cases the manufacturer offers to install and integrate the robot because the setup process requires things like:

  • Mount battery and parts that were disconnect during transport
  • Creating the map of the robot
  • Connecting the robot to the network
  • Setup the interface and create the first mission (or task)

If you can manage to bring in all key employees involved in this process for the first few days, that would be a great moment to recap the process so far and let the core team of the PoC participate on the first steps that the new robot is doing in your organization.

This integration process can take some days (depending on the complexity of the facility as well as the task). Make sure that the person integrating the robot always has access to a contact person with sufficient decision-making competencies. The worst case during integration could be that something is missing or an important decision cannot be made. In this case the person integrating the robot cannot continue with the work.

You can also think of celebrating this step and bring together all the employees who will have contact with the robot. Let them play around, see interfaces, and touch the device. If possible, show them what the robot is capable of and what the robot is not capable of. With doing this you probably raise awareness for the robot and mitigate the problem that employees feel neglected.

Please be fully aware that robot integration is not a one time shot. The setup of the robot needs to be improved if problems or inaccuracies occur. This iterative review and adaptation process, if done right, brings you towards your previously defined KPIs.

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