Robot Operations Framework

Robot Operations Framework

Conclusion of Robot Operations Framework

Make it happen - Start your PoC now!

The first step to an automated warehouse is to start with the first PoC (the PoC chapter helps with that). “Big things start small”. This also counts for robotization and automation.

The process of your first PoC can be very exciting and inspirational. The robotic space is very fragmented and a lot of solutions exist. For the first PoC it is important to pick one simple use case that can be automated quickly and get support from the management and the people on the shop floor. Start your journey and make it happen!

WAKU Consulting can help you with all steps along the whole automation journey.

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WAKU Robotics supports you in choosing the right robot for your application. We take care of the procurement of the robots as well as the on-site test. Our WAKU Platform software helps you to operate the robots across manufacturers and to analyze the processes.

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