Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

2 - Organization

Allow Space for Experiments

Especially for organizations that are facing change, experiments and test environments are crucial. Mostly, when companies recognize that they need some kind of change to compete in a changing environment, they tend to continue with the methods that brought yesterday's successes.

Instead, these organizations should focus on bringing new ideas to life through experiments and test beds. These experiments can look very different. But there are a few things that all experiments have in common.

These experiments should require a defined time frame, people responsible for it, and KPIs (metrics) that define the success or failure of the experiments. Also it is important to have regular review processes and steering committees. With an experiment also comes the potential to fail. To also embrace failures as well as successes a solid failure culture needs to be implemented in the organization. Failures lead to learnings, learnings lead to more success.

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