Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

2 - Organization

Digital & Sustainable Leadership

Digital and sustainable leadership is regarded as an important tool for companies to work responsibly and manage successfully in the modern and digital world. In order to navigate the modern VUCA world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) and remain competitive, it is imperative to transform traditional ways of working into sustainable ways.

Digital Leadership: Solution-oriented work requires the ability to react flexibly to unfamiliar situations. Above all, this requires openness to new methods and technologies. The automated warehouse is accompanied by a new working environment that will also change significantly for employees. In connection with the implementation of robots, empathy for the special situation of employees is, therefore, a prerequisite for digital leadership.

Sustainable Leadership: This means the ability to place oneself in the context of the situation. If responsibility is consciously and actively assumed at the management level, then the company can have a credible influence on its environment and on society. Leadership is sustainable when the company is managed in a socially, economically, and ecologically responsible manner.

The main goal here is to shift from managing the personnel of a company to guiding and encouraging its most valuable assets: human resources. By that, employees can be integrated into ideation processes more easily, creative impulses can be set up regularly, and the organization is able to make decisions more responsibly.

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