Sustainable Automation Journey

Introduction to Sustainable Automation

Technology and nature are not opposites. With technology, new opportunities for environmentally friendly living and consumption are created, and sustainability becomes the new quality of life.

The former understanding of sustainability is based on guilt as humans are seen as harmful to the environment. Therefore, the damage must be compensated as far as possible, and it is inevident that we change our mindsets: With the Sustainable Automation Journey, we offer an opportunity to detach from the former world salvation idea through waiver and to pave the way to consumption that is ethically correct, fun and sustainable at the same time. To bring about meaningful change, we propose a holistic approach, including the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), digital and sustainable leadership, and the TRANSFORM principles of robot automation.

Our definition of sustainability is based on three pillars which can be shortly called as people, planet, and profit.
Social sustainability (people) refers to fair payment, the implementation of the interests of the employees as well as the protection of human rights (e. g. in the case of exploitation or child labor). If done well, sustainable automation will benefit the employees of a company as it ensures a healthy working environment and sets the basis for personal development and social inclusion.
Environmental sustainability (planet) describes the conscious handling of natural resources, especially water, energy, and finite raw materials. Aiming to protect our ecosystems and to promote biodiversity, it is the livelihood of many and should be treated as such.
The third pillar, economical sustainability (profit), relies on excellent strategic management so that profit can be used for investing in modern machines, new employees, and further education. The basis of sustainable participation in the market, economical sustainability is as important as social and environmental sustainability.

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