Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

The TRANSFORM Principles

Appreciate Diversity

TRANSFORM by appreciating diversity. Processes of change come with both fear and potential. By understanding the value of diversity, you are able to benefit from different perspectives and lay the groundwork for safe and responsible growth. Differences in gender, age, origin and background, education, disabilities, or other individual characteristics are a strength and can enrich your company.

Starting with: The first step is to inform yourself about the topic of diversity. Learn how your organization can benefit from diversity and which options exist to implement it.

Measures & Initiatives: Put someone in charge to monitor and own this topic. This person should function as the contact person for employees if they feel discriminated against or if they have questions about the topic. Additionally, hold regular workshops on the topic of diversity (e.g. the creation of diverse teams). You might hire an external expert who can help with establishing the new structure or team culture, too. Another initiative is to foster diversity in managerial positions. A closely related topic is the ‘equal pay’ discussion. Assess your processes and ensure that your organization is on track with this topic.

Feedback on progress: If you have a person responsible for diversity and you make clear that this person is in charge of feedback regarding the process, your employees have a single point of contact as well as a face that represents the topic. That is very important, since most of the topics concerning diversity are very personal. We also recommend that the person in charge conducts reports for internal use to make progress visible.

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