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WAKU PLAN - Consulting for Mobile Robots

We offer you a comprehensive service package for all aspects of automation with mobile robots (AGV, AGV, AMR). We support you both with the first steps and with the professional solution design.

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Automation feasibility assessment Identification and assessment of possible use cases
Solution design & final vendor selection Finding robot vendors tailored to your specific use case and build a solution
Proof of Concept (PoC) Planning, project management, and execution of an on-site test with a mobile robot
Purchasing & contract negotiation Facilitating the purchasing process and assistance during contract negotiations
Robot deployment & process integration Support during the whole integration process and the final deployment
Simulation of the solution On request, we can create a simulation of the solution design and optimize the business case according to your wishes.
On-site visit The specific application can be discussed and planned during an on-site visit.
Calculation of the business case Calculation of different models to test the profitability of the solution
Comparison of robot manufacturers We evaluate several robot manufacturers for you to make an informed decision.

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