Understand live overview for AGV & AMR with WAKU Platform

Live Map for AGV & AMR

Here you will learn how WAKU Platform helps you avoid the complexity of software from different robot manufacturers and enables easy interaction with the robots for all your colleagues. Often, there is a lack of a clear representation of the entire process as each manufacturer brings their own software, which is often technically focused and optimized for installation. With WAKU Platform, you gain an overall view of your robot fleet and its current status. The platform is accessible on all devices and provides constant access to robot data.

Our live map for AGV and AMR

Vendor-independent live map & status

All locations in one interface

Analyze devices and errors

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"With our live map you are always up to date about all the events of your robots in your facility."

Leo Kässner, CPO & Product Expert, WAKU Robotics GmbH

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