Success Story: Otto Group starts with an AGV and WAKU Robotics in their Hermes logistics center

Published on 12.05.2023



  • Otto Group tested an automated guided vehicle (AGV) in their Hermes logistics center in Ansbach as part of a proof-of-concept (PoC) with WAKU Robotics

  • The goal of the PoC was to verify the feasibility of integrating mobile robot systems into an existing layout and the feasibility of an efficient mixed operation with manual processes

  • The PoC provided important insights for the integration of mobile robots in other use cases and logistics centers

  • Our software solution was used to continuously measure, analyze, and optimize robot performance (utilization, speed, charging time, etc.)

  • A comparison of the target and actual process values was facilitated by WAKU's software, enabling efficient countermeasures in case of deviations



The Hermes logistics center in Ansbach


  • 2-man handling (2-MH) is used for packages weighing 31.5kg or more
  • The warehouse size is 76,000 m2
  • Up to 10,000 orders are shipped daily
  • The company employs 250 people

Otto Group invests in an automated warehouse with AGV

The Otto Group is a trading and service group that operates worldwide. Its focus is on innovation and digital transformation to inspire customers and improve business practices. The company invests in new technologies and digital solutions and also uses them in the logistics centers of its subsidiary Hermes Fulfillment. The use of modern robot technology to automate intralogistics processes is one of the essential components of a progressive digitized warehouse. To test the integration of AGVs, the Otto Group conducted an initial PoC in the Hermes logistics center in Ansbach, which ran for four weeks.

Objectives of the proof-of-concept


  • Verification of the use of mobile robotics to compensate for manual processes (transporting heavy loads over long distances, transporting large pallets)

  • Integration of mobile robotics into the existing layout and mixed operation with manual processes

  • Measurement of feasibility and economic efficiency using performance values, speeds, downtime/reasons with WAKU Robotics

  • Use of insights for scaling mobile robotics in other use cases

  • Identification of automation potential in the logistics center through the integration of additional robotics solutions to optimize intralogistics processes


WAKU Robotics provides Otto Group with robot expertise, market intelligence, and software solutions

The project team of the Otto Group, led by Lutz Schmidt and Wiebke Köster, decided to collaborate with an external partner who could provide the required expertise, market intelligence, and software solutions for the successful use of mobile robots (AGV & AMR). Therefore, the choice fell on the robotics experts at WAKU Robotics.

"In the end, we wanted to buy the expertise. There are so many players on the market right now, and when you start in this area, it is really difficult to keep an overview and know how to evaluate what, and WAKU offers us exactly this knowledge extension to create added value.Wiebke Köster, Senior Project Manager | Otto Group

Project process

The project consisted of two significant milestones: defining the rough concept of robot technology and supplier selection and conducting a PoC with a selected supplier.

In the first phase, a process analysis was carried out to create a rough concept with requirements for infrastructure and adjacent processes. A suitable sub-process for the PoC was selected, in which the AGV transported commissioned large pallets from two stations to two sinks at the gates in the warehouse.

In the second phase, WAKU Robotics supported the creation of a shortlist of potential mobile robots and their respective suppliers for the selected transportation process. The choice fell on the AGV "Melkus G130" from Melkus Mechatronic, which convinced with its characteristics and ability to transport large pallets, competitive price, quick availability, and cooperative collaboration.

During the third phase, the PoC with the FTS was carried out, using WAKU's software to measure and visualize the performance of the mobile robot. The project team at Otto Group continuously monitored the processes and tracked relevant KPIs. Through instant alerting, the operational team could receive error messages and quickly eliminate problems. The collected data was then analyzed and evaluated.

"The collaboration with WAKU Robotics was very open and very constructive. We were a great team.Lutz Schmidt, Senior-Projektleiter | Otto Group

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About the Melkus Mechatronic G130:


  • Suitable for flexible pallet transport of heavy loads (large pallets)
  • Maximum payload of 1,200 kg
  • Reaches a lifting height of 240mm
  • SLAM Lidar navigation (+/- 1cm)


Final insights on feasibility and robot performance


  1. Within the framework of the PoC, it was determined that the integration of mobile robots into existing logistics centers is quite feasible.

  2. By using the AGV from Melkus Mechatronic in the transportation process, employees were significantly relieved.

  3. In the future, the use of mobile robots in further logistics centers is planned.

  4. The project team used WAKU's software real-time dashboards to analyze process metrics such as error causes, robot performance, utilization, and battery consumption. WAKU enabled the identification of weaknesses in robot operation and time-critical adjustments to be made.

  5. Through the software of WAKU Robotics instant alerting function, potential robot errors were immediately reported to the operational staff and could be quickly resolved, thus optimizing performance.

"I already appreciated it once. Quite simply, we are sitting in Hamburg, are not constantly involved in the topic, and can observe the system via WAKU, can see what the device is doing, but also statistics, error evaluations, battery levels, all these things can be derived from it. This was especially important for the PoC. We can think about process times, do the evaluation, and when I look into the future, I can see it as a very good platform between the warehouse management and the technical systems.Lutz Schmidt, Senior-Projektleiter | Otto Group

Why WAKU Robotics?

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These insights were gained to support the Otto Group in implementing further automation projects with mobile robots in their daily operations.

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