Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

1 - Society


More and more smart devices are coming to life, and this is not just about smartphones. Sensory, smart controllers and other devices need to be connected. Smart homes and smart cities are the main trends that drive connectivity forward. All of these smart devices need to be available online to share data and to optimally decide what to do in order to save resources like energy or water.

However, connectivity is more than that. It means that through the internet, people are connected everywhere and anytime. Connectivity is the booster for information flow and messaging. It allows all nodes in the network (be it humans, an organization, or a device) to communicate in real-time.

These improvements and changes have a huge impact on all nodes in the network - mostly humans and organizations. Organizations are just another node in the network, living in their ecosystem and contributing to it. It requires them to make their ecosystem visible. When it comes to digital transformation, we are just at the beginning of it. Through the megatrend of connectivity, it is possible to accelerate digital economies that, for instance, are based on blockchain.

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