Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

1 - Society

New Work

The term “New Work” became very popular and refers to a new way of working in a digital society. These measures and methods to implement “New Work” are manifold.

According to a survey from BCG, 68% of workers around the world – blue and white-collar alike – are willing to retrain and learn new skills. Workers nowadays care more about purpose, certainty, and belonging than ever before. Also, a shift from qualification-focused hirings to skill-based hirings can be seen. The role of the organization shifts to an enabler role, too - enabling employees to be successful within the company. Life-long learning and the environment to do so becomes a key element for organizations. The World Economic Forum calls this: “The Great Relearning Revolution”.

One central element of New Work is to break down hierarchies. With this, it also redefines the known ‘career ladder’. One interpretation of the philosophy of New Work is: “Wherever someone can deliver more value for the organization, the employee should go in this direction.“

Also, when it comes to workplace situations. The trend to do more home office emerged during COVID-19 and will not simply go away. Hybrid forms of working in the office and from home are more popular than ever. If it is needed, employees meet for coworking physically or in virtual environments. Companies are also testing satellite offices in small towns to reduce the traveling effort. Another option is the creation of an open space office. In this kind of office space, employees meet for creative sessions, meetings, or ideation sessions.

Flexible working time models are also crucial to New Work. Trust working hours, flexible working hours, or individual working times (e.g. for family members) should be taken into consideration. The number of sabbaticals (some months off) is also emerging. Employees use these sabbaticals to travel the world, for self-realization or to be together with their families. Employees that are coming back to work from their sabbatical can bring more energy and are happier after their time off.

Besides the things mentioned above, New Work holds numerous opportunities to explore for every organization.

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