Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

2 - Organization

Green Supply Chain

Especially for companies in logistics and production, the topic of a green supply chain is very important. The options to contribute to a greener supply chain are very manifold, but they also depend on the scope of the organization's business.

Planning smarter routes and shortening distances is one of the potential options. Sometimes even the most advanced route planners use their experience, which is not always the smartest way to deliver products and plan routes.

Green packaging and commissioning could be another option. Green mostly means smart. And smart means that on one hand you do not go with traditional packaging. It is time to explore greener options. Also for the handling of goods in intralogistics, those solutions exist.

Work with partners who are also contributing to the green supply chain. In some cases, your company has business partners on different sides of the business, where you can decide with whom to work (or whom to contract). Make sure that you choose the ones that are aware of green supply chain topics.

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