Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

2 - Organization

Zero Waste Operations

Keeping an eye on your resources is at the heart of zero waste operations. This includes emissions like (air, soil, solid and hazardous waste), waste of resources like energy, material, and human resources. Also when it comes to administrative resources like paper and energy spent.

The first step towards zero waste operations is to analyze where and why resources are allocated within the organization. After that, every department should take action and create a plan, on how to reduce or better allocate those resources. In addition to just reducing resources, it possibly makes sense to conceive alternatives that are less waste-producing or where the end product (waste) can be used by other companies to form a product out of it.

This approach is called Circular Economy. Being successful in the coming circular economy means finding partners where their waste is your raw material and also where your waste is their raw material. This process is not easy at all, but it creates value for society and our planet.

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