Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

2 - Organization

Provide An Inclusive Work Environment

Teams are getting more and more diverse. And it pays off. It is proven that teams that are diverse in internal and external dimensions (see Chapter 1 Society, Diversity) take more different perspectives and experiences into account when making a decision. An inclusive work environment is created by the ability to understand and accept that our differences in preferences cause different behaviors and value systems. Besides, it is driven by the ability to leverage that diversity in terms of bringing different age groups, ethnicities, abilities, or work experiences within an organization together.

Potentials of more diverse teams lay for example in a reduced tendency towards groupthink and group ethical decision making as well as the synergetic effects of the individuals’ positive trait-like states like optimism, hope, efficacy, and resilience. Of course, there is also a risk of weaknesses in the beginning, for instance, that different habits might cause misunderstandings or that a more experienced worker would not respect the ideas of new crew members. However, working in diverse teams will set impulses to rethink prejudices, become aware of one’s own privileges, and work on communication skills due to prior misunderstandings.

In the long run, the workforce’s talent, innovation, creativity, and contributions will eventually increase, and there will be a positive effect on diverse teams’ ability to learn. By creating ways for open and trustful communication that allow time and space for personal demands, and by creating awareness for diversity, differences can be seen and treated as enrichment for the whole organization.

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