Sustainable Automation Journey

Robot Operations Framework

2 - Organization

Offer Mentor-Mentee Programs

Mentoring has a very positive impact on numerous things regarding the professional aspects (like skillset) of employees but also when it comes to team cohesion. It also implements a lifelong learning mindset because junior people can learn about experiences from senior people. Senior people on the other hand can learn new technologies and trends from junior people.

To kickstart such a program the organization can promote it upfront to attract senior people that are willing to try the mentoring program. For junior people, this program could be mandatory. Every junior employee gets a mentor as a partner who supports the junior for one year. After this one year, mentors and mentees could be mixed again. This is just another design option for such a program. If it is not needed and just adds complexity, it is also possible to assign one fixed mentor-mentee pair.

Topics and aspects that mentor and mentee are discussing during their meetings can be manifold. Mostly, it deals with the exchange on topics like personal development, professional growth, technologies, and company-related issues. This leads to numerous benefits for the company, for instance:

  • Increase bonding of employees with each other and with the organization itself
  • Speed up the acceptance of automation
  • Transmit the company’s culture to the junior
  • Bring together the experience of seniors and the youngster’s knowledge and tech-savviness
  • Create diverse teams in age and gender
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